Saturday, October 1, 2011

Featured on Apartment Therapy

Hi lovelies, I got so excited today. My apartment is featured on apartment! I had not even seen it, but one of my friends actually told me (Thanks Nikky for the update;) 
Check out the post "here" !! XO

Monday, September 26, 2011

Snapshots; NYC Trip

Hi lovelies, I wanted to share some snapshots from my visit to NYC. I didn't go for any fashion week or anything special like that, just a nice (first stop) vacation. Now we are in Boston, getting ready to board a flight to LA. Pictures of that will follow too :) But first some of NYC's spots that I would recommend if your ever around! Oh and sorry for the over load of pictures! XO
Hand-painted remembrance tiles for 9/11
This one must have been one of my favorites, so colorful and representing the peace that was wished for all of the U.S. in that hard time
 In Washington square, with the famous arch in the background, oh and this "vintage and new" Zachary's Smile store is awesome! 
Daily Candy together with Hair Room Service organized the Beauty Bus. Hair stylist and make-up artists gave beauty advice, I got my hair done by Kerrie Urban, she's great. What Hair Room Service does, is they come to you for appointment instead of going to them in a salon, so if you ever need a beauty service get it in the comfort of your own home! It was a great event. 
Sippin on Arnold Palmer (half iced tea, half lemonade = total yumminess) 
Tao Restaurant, Delish!! make sure you make reservations a head of time (4-8wks) through their website.
in front of the Plaza Hotel, walking home from dinner
La Esquina, yummy yummy Mexican food

The display window at Bergdorf Goodman, wonderful as always!
Display window at Henri Bendel, they have amazing jewelry, took this picture especially for my friend Francine, she has a love for pineapples and agate stone ;)
This Little Cupcake Shop has better cupcakes than any other (million) cupcake shops in NY, see how I'm staring down my coconut cloud?! check their site for their address 
Had lunch at Friedman's (top) in Chelsea Market. There were so many nice spots to choose from in Chelsea Market, but happy we ate here. (below) The Filling Station, a salt, oil and vinegar store. I got white truffel salt and espresso salt, can't wait to use them in my cooking! 
Taking a walk on the high line, a old railway made into a scenic walkway park. With my early bday present from my BF, a burgundy BCBG bag (I'm in love! with my bag)
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