Saturday, December 20, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide; Curaçao Edition

The Holidays are about to come up, so are the parties, the get togethers and the gifts. A few cute gift ideas while supporting our local artists and small business owners on the beautiful island.
Check out "Chincho la Coquetta" for tropical inspired, hand-made ceramic jewelry dishes and other cute gifts. Saturday December 20th there is a trunk show where you can purchase or you can send her a private msg on Facebook for custom orders in the future.
 Next is for the ones that like to pamper themselves. "Naturals Curacao" has beautiful, natural products. Created and packaged in Curaçao. I fell in love with the limited edition "Sweet Honey Scrub" and was happy to hear that due to a great demand it is going to stay in the collection! For scrubs, soaps, butters and all kinds of oils pass by the store or visit their website.
 And last are the hip hype, shiny tattoos. Perfect for this island lifestyle, beautiful on bronzed skin, awesome for the holiday parties! Get your unique designs at "Fin & Fintage" if you missed it at the pop-up markets, send Fin&Fintage a msg on Facebook and you will get them one way or another! 
 Hope your almost done with all your holiday shopping! It's time to relax and enjoy the last weeks of the year! 
~Happy Holidays~
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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

From the Kitchen; Easy-peasy Pumpkin Hand-pies

Ok just a quickie before the holidays! It's for the busy-bees or the undomestic-divas. A cheat to make a scrumptious holiday dessert.
 What you need;
- Store bought pie crust
- Can of pumpkin puree
- Pumpkin spice
- Cream of coconut
- Cool Whip
- Brown sugar

1. Roll out your pie crust and with a cookie cutter cut circles 
2. Prep your pumpkin puree with the pie spice and brown sugar (taste and add till satisfied).
3. Drop a spoon-full of pumpkin filling (depending on the width of your circle)
4. cover with another circle and close with a fork. Cut an X on the top
Don't forget to pre-heat the oven.
Pop them in for +/- 15 mins or until golden
In the mean time, mix the coconut cream, but just the white solid bit not the oil. To separate this let is stand for a bit. Add pumpkin spice to your liking. When mixed well spoon it through cool whip. Warning! This stuff is deadly delicious!! 
Et Voila! Add a dollop of your coconut spiced, whipped-cream and devour!
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Monday, November 24, 2014

Layering in the Sun

With fall nearing to an end and winter approaching, I think back at layering fashion in the cold. Living on an island with a 30*C average, it is very unlikely to layer. However I figured a fun different way to wear items I already own, is to layer.
Now you could always throw on a khaki trench coat (like "this" or "this") and a pair of chelsea boots. For now I will stick to my sandals and imagine what I would have worn if still living in a four season country.

 Jeans; Banana Republic (old, similar ones "here"), Round Sunglasses; "here" or "here"
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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Asymmetrical Knot

 Get your self something asymmetrical-knotted-tied-front this season. Inspired by designer Helmut Lang. It is a design that flatters most body types. 
 Similar Skirt; "here" and "here", Top; Asos, Glasses; No Name (similar "here"), Sandals; Soda "here")
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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Reinvent your closet; How to wear something old, this season

So I have been reinventing my clothes, always finding new ways to wear things you already own. This upcoming season you will see lots of sleeveless vests. I have had this little number for years, here on the tropical island you can wear it as a top. Instead of wearing it open, layered on top, you close it, worn on a midi skirt.
And what about a bustier you have had laying in the closet since last summer. Layer is with a simple white tee or if you dare even with a graphic tee, wear it with boyfriend jeans and sneakers for a laid back look or with a midi skirt and strap heels for more dressier look.
How would you wear old staple pieces this season?
Skirt; Custom-made, similar nice ones "here", "here" or "here", Vest; Old, similar "here", "here" or this "here", Sunglasses 1; unknown, similar "here" or "here"
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Sunday, September 21, 2014

All around Gingham

 It has been a few weeks since I made an appearance on the blog. Seasons are changing, but Curaçao remains the same. I have been finding myself with a struggle to follow seasonal trends on island weather, however it is possible. A print that you will see a lot this fall and even next spring, is Gingham. Also Mod/60's style is coming this fall. When buying a piece in the seasons transitions, make sure you can get optimal use out of it. An A-line dress is simple yet versatile. It has a mod vibe going on and it is super simple to layer, wear a shirt underneath, pair it with a cropped blazer and maybe some wooly tights. Wear them with superga sneakers, Chelsea boots or clog style heels that you may wear with wooly socks when it gets colder. One dress, so many options! If only the weather allowed me to layer, wool and boots. 
Happy Weekend!
Dress; Custom Made (got the fabric at Akerman, Curaçao) but similar ones "here""here" or "here".
Sunglasses; No Name, similar ones "here""here" or "here"

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Travels; 24 Hours in Aruba

The nice thing of living in the A,B,C Islands is the possibility to Island-hop. Passed week I spent one day in Aruba. One of my friends was there and I could not stand not seeing her. Besides quality time with my friend, it was like a real (one day) mini vacation. 
and we did quite a lot!
What to do.....
1. I stayed at my friends, close to baby beach (east of the island).
In the AM do some kind of water sport. We Kayaked, swam and snorkeled. 

2. For lunch we stopped at Charlie's bar in San Nicholas, It was delicious. We snacked on conch fritters with wedge potato and a shrimp seviché. The potato wedge had the perfect crunch to it and the seviché has wonderful flavor with a little kick to it. 
3. While driving, sight see. Instead of driving on the main road, drive along the coast passed the local beaches like Mangel Halto and Spaans Lagoen. 
4. Take a coffee break before heading to the city "Playa" Coffee House Aruba. Had the best iced latte yet. and the prices are very decant. It feels like a European coffee house (in the tropics!).

5. After roaming the city for a little while, continue onwards to the beaches passed the hotel chain. We took a walk at Malmok Beach and Arachi Beach, where you will see the light house at the tip of the island. 
6. Right before sun-down we made it to Palm Beach and had a drink at Pelican's Nest.
Although it rained earlier that day, we had an amazing sunset. And I had a wonderful mini vacation.
Big thanks to my friend for taking me around and showing me a good time!!
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Saturday, August 23, 2014

3 Ways; Denim, Denim, Denim

Since I have moved down to the island, I can count on one hand how often I have worn jeans. However there are more ways to wear denim. It does give a casual touch, but may be worn more than just in the weekend.
Wear a denim strap dress, layered over a t-shirt or frilly top. Dress it down with trending lace-up sandals or dress it up with wedges or clog-style heels.
Last days of summer, wear denim espadrilles with a white eyelet dress. You may also opt for denim loafers or sneakers for fall (like "these").

Espadrilles; Bamboo (similar styles "here""here" and "here")

For a feminine style knot a button-down chambray top and wear it with a midi skirt.
What's favorite way to wear denim??

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