Saturday, August 9, 2014

DIY; Tasseled Basket

I love a little funk in my wardrobe. this Tassel basket is exactly that. Perfect for the summer, markets roaming, a day at the beach or even with a simple black dress or "BF jeans and white tee" outfit.
It is easy and fun!! 
~Happy Weekend~
What you need;
- A basket ( I have had mine for a while, so I am going to re-invent something I already own)
- Tassels (in Curacao, get them at Ackerman, check other local fabric or trimmings stores, or make them yourself; watch "this tutorial here")
- Optional; Needle and thread

Decide which color scheme your going for; you could do colorful rainbow, or ombre colored. 
I simply tucked the loop in and tied them in between the basket. You could also sew or "hot glue gun" them on. 
Et Voila! A funky style, Tassel basket
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