Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Rainbow Cakes

If your looking for a fun way to present your cakes for easter, here is how!
 I took the easy way out an used a store bought cake mix (bad baker!), however I did make the "7 minute meringue frosting" from scratch using "this Martha Stewart" recipe (which really doesn't only take 7 minutes). 
 I made one big batch of frosting, then used smaller bowls to make the different colors. By mixing primary colors I created other colors. As a tip; if you'd like the color to be more pastel, use less food coloring. 
 Frost your cupcakes with a icing bag and top it off with some edible glitter or sprinkles.  
Et Voila! Your Easter Rainbow Cupcakes!
 With the remaining cake and frosting batter I made a second easter cake. Simply frost and decorate with some mini chocolate Easter eggs!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

High tea birthday brunch

 Last weekends pictures of my friends birthday brunch. As you walk in the room you'd get a overdose of pink cuteness and a delicious sweet smell of yummie cakes and such awaiting us. Sipping on mimosas at 12 in the afternoon (it's Saturday, it's allowed) and tunes of Lana del Rey playing in the back ground (which turned into a big random mix tape)  
Some of the treats catered by my personal favorite bakery "Bakken met Passie" and others home-made by the birthday girl herself, it was all scrumptious and a big success 
 Mimosa's and birthday cheers
 The birthday girl and I
 How to wear striped pants; Take cue from these stylish ladies
-pair black and white stripes with a bright color like turquoise 
-or toughen it up with black ankle booties and a leather jacket 
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Monday, April 2, 2012

Outfit Post; DIY Magenta Maxi

Saturday before heading over to my friends "high tea birthday brunch". I helped her plan for the past 2 weeks, I just had to carry over some of the last details and a birthday gift of course, hence the over sized basket that I bough last summer but never got to wear. It turned out a great success we all had a lovely time. I will share some of the details later on
(stay tuned) 
Coat & Shirt; Zara (last year), Skirt (DIY like "this one"), Mary Jane's; New Look , Rope necklace; DIY

Sunday, April 1, 2012

DIY - Rope bracelets

You should be able to get all the supplies at a bead or craft store.  Hope you liked this tutorial and the bracelets. If you happen to make one I'd love to see them :) 
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