Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Height of Summer

 Banana leaf print just shouts summer trend! Accessorize this trend with a straw boater hat and round mirrored sunglasses and your good to go for a summer trip to a tropical Island!
 Top: Moon, similar ones "here", "here" and "here", Hat; Vintage from moms closet, similar "here" and "here", Sunglasses; Mango (on sale now!) "here", others "here" and "here"
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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The new bohemian style 2

Like last weeks look, another modern boho look. Think colorful middle-eastern, mosaic print items that you got to have this summer.
Pair it with crochet top and semi-precious stone chandelier earrings for a total summer look.
 Shorts; N/Asimilar "here", "here" and love "this" one.  Top; Topshop similar "here" or "here"
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Monday, June 1, 2015

The new bohemian style

I have been absent from the blog for a while, busy with big projects in my personal life. However everything falls in place after a while. Im still figuring out my island style combined with fashion trends.
This little number is "the new bohemian" style. Think peasant tops and dresses and prints that remind you of a middle-eastern vacation. Like strolling on a Marrakech market and snapping shots from above of Mediterranean and Arabesque design tiled floors.
 My dress; Flying Tomato, other cool prints: "here", "here", "here"
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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mothers day DIY; Sustainable flowers that will last

This mothers day give mom flowers that will last. They are cute and versatile. You could stick them in a cake or hang them on a string like a garland or just in a jar.
What you will need:
-Paper in color and/or print
-Skewer sticks
-Glue or tape
-2 sizes circular object for measuring
-Colored duct tape or tissue paper 
Cut flower shapes out of your paper. Use a smaller shape for the middle. You can play around with the width of the "petals". Cut a slit into the flowers and over-lap one "petal" over the other and stick them together.
I used metallic duct tape for the center op the flower, but you can also use tissue paper.
Stick the flowers through, add the center by just rolling the tape around it. You can even add leaves.
 Et Voila! Flowers that are sustainable and will last.
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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mr & Mrs.

 4 months ago we surprised friends and family with our wedding. We had been planning it all in secret. It was one of the hardest secrets to keep, but one of the best things we have done. The day went exactly how we had planned.
We invited friends and family for a holiday get to gather. We had been working hard on our latest project and want to share it with our loved ones and no one had a clue....
 On December 26th our guests arrived and were welcomed by out pallet "Welcome loved ones" sign. They gathered inside and were greeted by our parents and siblings. At 6pm everybody was invited to take a seat outside on the patio. Then we walked up and revealed the big surprise... We were getting married!
The decor was from recycled tin cans, with Aloe planted from the back yard. Recycled glass jars held candles in them with a hand-made tag stamped "J&F" on it.
Even our rings (that were carried in by our pet donkey, barney the ring bearer) are made from recycled old family gold.
The shoes I wore are my mothers vintage Nine West shoes that she ones wore almost 35 years ago ( I wore them once before and it happened to be the day I met J).
The "Mr. & Mrs." chairs were salvaged from a dump yard. I personally re-upholstered them and brought them back to life.
We only had locally sourced flower, that I went and hand picked myself the previous day.
Inside we had a charcuterie table with cheeses, meats, jellies, fresh and dried fruits and nuts and local honeycombs dripping fresh honey.
The dinner was a gourmet, serve yourself hotdog buffet. With kimchi cogs, chili dogs and a naked dog, to be topped with whatever condiment you wanted.
 This is our families together and below are your new Mr. & Mrs Farmer
Our wedding was held at our own farm barn, where in the near future we plan to open an local, organic restaurant.
You can find the latest developments on "Hofi Cas Cora" facebook.
 My beautiful friends above
And our delicious cake below
Greetings from the Mr. & Mrs.!

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bizar Bazar, Curaçao

Last Sunday we visited Bizaar Bazaar for the first time 
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Local artists sell their art work, awesome live music and delicious vegan food on he menu.
There is something majestic about the place.
The vibe is laid-back and the view is amazing that leaves you in awe.
Artist that makes jewelry from sea glass and shells, displayed on a colorful pallet.
This astounding chair design and recycled bags are crafted by Mad-Work 
Fin & Fintage with a trunk full of metallic tattoos and her hand made bags from recycled kite surf kites. (if you missed the market order her Tattoos "here")
And another great artist that I met; Omar Sling. He is a multi-artist he makes all sorts of art. Sculptures, paintings and accessories, from all sorts of recycled materials. I liked these woven fabric bracelets the best!
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

International Swim Fashion Week, Curaçao

Passed weekend I made it to International Swim Fashion Week which was held on on our beautiful island of Curaçao. It was a very fun event, well organized, beautiful girls and cool designs. Hopefully with events like these our tiny Island will be put on the map in the fashion industry.
Below are some of the shots I captured (with IPhone6).
The first show was Sirenes De SoleilA French-American and Colombian fashion duo, doesn't that sounds like a fashion match made in the swimwear industry...
The second show was Island State is an Australian swim and resort wear label. Founded in 2013 by a couple who have a mutual love of travel, lazy days on the beach and photography. 
Lots of color and nice beach cover-ups...
This (below) was my favorite! Colorful and a gorgeous design (look at the back!)
The third designer was Canadian and was not sure if this was swimwear or something you would wear in your boudoir. She had some funky stuff...
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