Saturday, November 10, 2012

Grunge Chic

I'm loving a good plaid shirt lately, you can often find a good plaid shirt in men's departments (that's where I scored this one). 
After wearing this plaid for the past few years, I decided it was time to change things up so I cut it into a cropped plaid and be-studded the shoulders. An easy 10 minute DIY anybody could try!
Leather pants; Primark, Loafers; Gap, Plaid Shirt; Uniqlo, Bag; BCBG, Earrings, Bracelets and harband; DIY, Nail Polish; OPI - Oh-ho roll down the window
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Friday, November 9, 2012

Autumn Denim Shorts

I rediscovered my (summer) denim cut offs for fall. Simply layer a shirt (peek-a-booh collar) with a chunky knit. Et Voila, outfit! 
Heels; River Island (On sale NOW "here"), Ring (old) & Necklace ("here"); Forever21, Jeans shorts (own cut offs) and socks; H&M for men, Sweater; Benetton (old), Bag; BCBG (no longer available, maybe a good DIY project?!)
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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Weekend Delights; Snapshots

Quick share of past week.

1. Fashion tip of the week! Purples and Fine wines
2. Last minute Halloweenee; A zebra and a Leopard
3&4. Museum Night (lots of Museums in Amsterdam stay open till 2.00AM and lots of after parties, we made it to 7 museums (that a lot in 1 night)
besides all the arts, there ae lots of activities such as this one where we got to paint a square on the modern day last supper by Dutch Designer Bas Kosters
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

DIY; Chunky Pearl Necklace

 I got Inspired while "window shopping" on so many different ones! (check below). Then I though; I can make that! so I gathered all sorts of old necklaced that have been put in my necklace coffin for now. It's really fun to reinvent your jewelry and actually wear it again.
Find the "how to" steps below...
Happy Crafting
1. Gather old jewelry, like; strands of pearls, chain and lace (get different sizes and shapes for extra dimension)
2. Hook the all together in one loop/eyelet (since it becomes a bulky collection, I used one link of a big chain)
3. Pull them straight and even out the length
4. Gather the strands into 3 groups and braid.
5. Loop them all together with another eyelet or link
Et Voila! your own DIY Chunky necklace
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