Friday, December 30, 2011

DIY; Last minute - New Years Outfit

The year is almost over and done, so I leave you with a last minute DIY, that serves as a nice budget friendly new years outfit. I'm going crazy for fringe at the moment. I got this glittery black and silver fringe at the fabric store, anything else you need is a simple stretchy black (or any color you like) cotton skirt (try "this" one). 
You could go for either 1 layer or 2 (or more) for a fuller effect. Just keep in mind that the fringe band won't stretch with and needs to fit around your hips.
 It's awesome to dance in!! 
Hope everybody has a great NYE! and I wish you all a wonderful, fashionable upcoming year! 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Outfit Post; DIY Leather Sleeve Sweater

On the second day of Christmas we went for a stroll in the "central park" of Amsterdam a.k.a. Vondel park. I'm so happy I live 5 minutes away from the park. 
I made this sweater on christmas morning. Perfect pass time for the holidays sitting inside, crafting/DIYing! The holidays were relaxing, at night we had some friends come over for left over snacks and a drink (or 2). 
My Christmas present, mini Diana Lomography camera and my DIY Starbucks travel mug (I re-used wrapping paper to make my xmas mug)
Sweater; Uniqlo/DIY, Fur vest; DIY, Necklace; Accessorize, Pants; J. Crew Minnie, Loafers; Urban Oufitters
Sweater in the making
1. Sew 2 sleeves from faux leather fabric (length of your forearm)
2. Cut the sweaters sleeves 
3. Sew on the faux leather (inside out) over the sweater's sleeves

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Outfit Inspiration; White Button-down & Jeans

Just a little something that inspires me. A white button-down and jeans must be classics, it's always chic. throw on awesome heels and a nice clutch and your good to go! It works with a wider trouser jeans to skinnies. Roll them up, rolled down, I love, love, love it! I personally won a Primark gift certificate with a look like this (remember "this post-Classic with a twist"). What do you think, how would you pull it off?

Monday, December 26, 2011

Outfit Post; Family visit

 Outfit post from last week. I chose for a flowy top and skinnies (to know when you should stop eating) and a flowy cardigan (that I could wrap around if it got chilly). I went to visit my family for "pre-Christmas" quality time. First to my one aunt for lunch and after to my uncle, aunt and kids for dinner. We got spoiled with food and had a good time. Hope everybody had a wonderful Chrismas weekend.
 Top; Asos, Cardigan; H&M (old), Necklace; J. Crew, Flats; Urban Outfitters Nail polish; Black- Essie, Glitters- Essence 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Bouquet

No Christmas tree for us this year, just a big bouquet of winter greens (and reds). Just one more night before x-mas morning! Happy Noche Buena! XO

Party Lipstick 101

Hi lovelies, you might be "sippin" on some drinks the next couple of days, below is a step by step tutorial with tips and tricks on how to have your lipstick stick all night through a party. Personally I think there is no more festive color then red and red is the one that needs to look perfect all night :) Now don't think I do all these steps everyday... but they might be helpful this holiday week! so Enjoy! and remember to "sip" ;) 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

DIY; Update your worn out shoes

Hi Lovelies, a little quick DIY. If you're tired of your worn out shoes (my bf really does wear them till the soles fall off!) or just up for a new pair but can't afford 'em right now... here is an easy way to update a pair, it's as easy as 1,2,3! Honestly!! 

1. What you need; 
-Old pair of shoes  
-Leather/suede string (+/- 1.5-2 meters) from the craft or fabric store

2. Cut into 2 even strings, pull them through the shoes

3. Et Voila! ready to wear!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Love her style; Miroslava Duma

 Miroslava was a fashion editor for Harper's Bazaar Russia. Now she freelances and writes for various magazines. I love her so much! she is so petit and cute and has an amazing sense of style. It's kind of Vintage meets boho glam, feminine but yet tough. she always looks so effortless! She's a great inspiration to me.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

For the Undomestic Diva; Coconut Snowballs

This week is getting busier and busier leading up to Christmas, there is so much to do and still you want to make a nice treat in the spirit of the holidays. Well, here is where Duncan Hines, my dear friend comes in. Usually I like making cupcakes from scratch, but this time a little something for the busy bees and the undomestic diva's. 
What you'll need; 
-(French) Vanilla cake mix 
-Marshmallow Fluff
-Shredded sweetened coconut  
-Decoration (either store bought or self made)

Bake cupcakes, follow instructions on back (usually it's; add eggs, oil and water). 
Let them cool off after taking them out of the oven!!
Spread a spoon of fluff on, sprinkle the coconut shreds on, stick in your centerpiece (use toothpick and a printed out image stuck onto it)

Et Voila! your Coconut Snowballs are done! Caution; Sticky & Sweet, but oh so yummy!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Outfit Post; Faux fur Vest

 A quick little shoot before my shoot today (Those whom follow me on twitter might have known I had a photo shoot). I made this faux fur vest a few days ago and have been wearing it ever since. I got awesome/reasonably priced faux fur last weekend with 2 friends on a mini trip to northern Holland. My friend advised me to get this color and I am so happy with it!! Thanks Eemsy! So what do you think about faux fur? yay or nee? XO
Sunnies; Paul Smith, Vest; DIY Jeans; DIY (here) Shoes; Jeffrey Campbell

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Astrology time

Yep, It's all in style now, not just the starry night pants, crescent a.k.a moon shape jewels, but actual fashion "sign time". Even though I don't keep busy with it on a daily base, every now and then I read my horoscope and highly believe in it. How does your horoscope match your situation/spirits?? xo
Image via;

Sunday, December 11, 2011

DIY Bow Tie - Alexis Bittar Inspired

Flipping through an issue of Instyle magazine, I got inspired by the bow tie pin by Alexis Bittar. So I went and made one myself. I got the ornaments at H&M home, but I'm sure around this time you'll be able to find them with no problem. Watch the video for the "how-to". 
Hope you like :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Guest Post; DIY Festive Holiday Table Setting

Hi lovelies, Last week I once again got the honors of writing a guest post for Tereza from "Drastic Plastic".  I created a DIY cozy, laid back yet festive table setting post. I also wanted to thank Tereza for writing kind words about me :) Blog on!
First off I started by making a table runner. I discovered that this is one of the easiest things ever to sew. I used a light canvas fabric (use this for hand-cut napkins as well). I find it gives a natural and laid-back feel. Combining this with a sparkly ribbon and you’ve got a good balance between laidback and glam.
Instead of using name tags, make your own personalized wine glass markers that you tie around the stem of the wine/champagne glass. It has a double purpose; wine marker/name place setting.
As a centerpiece use tiny ever greens in terracotta pots. You’ll be able to plant these in your yard after the holidays and enjoy them all year round. As for the lights, I custom made the lights and I am planning on leaving them hanging. It gives a very nice atmosphere.
Finally add some candles, Et Voila!! Your festive, yet laid back table setting is ready to welcome your guests! Hope you enjoyed my DIY post! XO

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Breakfast at Fayme's for Grazia insider

Grazia magazine is looking for Grazia Insiders, these are girls who help think about topics, share their thoughts and report. I made this video to enter the Grazia Insider campaign. Now let's hope I get in!! XO

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gift ideas for the 25th

Shopping season actually began last week after thanksgiving (but who needs an excuse anyway?). I must say that since I'm not going back home and just spending christmas in Amsterdam with close friends, I don't have to buy many presents, but it shouldn't hurt surfing the web for inspiration. Below are some of my picks for "that certain person". Maybe you even get some ideas :)
The books
Personal gifts
The gadget
To share with friends

Monday, December 5, 2011

Beauty Products; Nails & Lips

Lately I have been obsessing over deep reds, burgundy's, bordeaux etc. Not just for clothes, but also beauty items (Below you will find what I'm wearing).

Top; Urban Oufitters
Nails; Essie- Wicked
Lips; Liner; Maybelline - Midnight Plum
Lipstick; Clinique - High impact SPF15 - Magenta Rose
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