Friday, July 8, 2011

DIY: Lace Trim summer essentials

Hi lovely readers, I've been seeing the "lace shorts" and "lace trim shorts" and I've been liking it a lot. Now of course you can buy a pair, but wouldn't it be more fun to DIY? If you have an old pair of shorts all you need is some lace trimming, as easy as that. Besides the shorts, I altered a shirt and I am so excited about these items! What do you think? will you give it a shot as well? XO
The plain basics
Some lace...
Of course it's easiest if you have a machine, but you could do it by hand as well... I don't have the patience though :) 
Et voila! cute new and one of a kind items for this summer!!


  1. Super cute!! I want some shorts, I'll bring a pair wednesday;)

  2. Oh my, that top is amazing!

  3. love these - great idea! I need a sewing machine, as I don't have the patience either :)


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