Sunday, December 18, 2011

For the Undomestic Diva; Coconut Snowballs

This week is getting busier and busier leading up to Christmas, there is so much to do and still you want to make a nice treat in the spirit of the holidays. Well, here is where Duncan Hines, my dear friend comes in. Usually I like making cupcakes from scratch, but this time a little something for the busy bees and the undomestic diva's. 
What you'll need; 
-(French) Vanilla cake mix 
-Marshmallow Fluff
-Shredded sweetened coconut  
-Decoration (either store bought or self made)

Bake cupcakes, follow instructions on back (usually it's; add eggs, oil and water). 
Let them cool off after taking them out of the oven!!
Spread a spoon of fluff on, sprinkle the coconut shreds on, stick in your centerpiece (use toothpick and a printed out image stuck onto it)

Et Voila! your Coconut Snowballs are done! Caution; Sticky & Sweet, but oh so yummy!

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