Saturday, January 21, 2012

Outfit Post; Leather Skirt & Minty Shirt

Hi Lovelies, It's been rainy weather again here in Holland (nothing new). It can be nice because it gives you time to do "inside-stuff". DIYing, organizing, studying (at least I try to). I do allow myself to go out while studying to get some fresh air ;) 
I got this shirt last weekend, the girl in the store said that t had just come in. I'm definitely taking this one into next season, which hopefully gives us some more sunshine. 
 Leather Skirt; H&M, Shirt; COS, Rain Boots; Hunter, Sunnies; Thrifted, Jewelry; DIY, Hat; F21, Umbrella; at the market
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  1. You are cute, I'm so jealous of your leather skirt, I want one so bad and I can't find one.

  2. I have wanted one of those umbrellas for ever! Love the lip color too! :D

  3. Loveeeee the skirt!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥‿♥

  4. You are always spot on with your jewelry! Love this! and that last photo is absolutely stunning!! xx Gena

  5. Love your DIY jewelry! I have a clear bubble umbrella and that same leather skirt that I am loving right now too! (I happened to have just posted about them!)


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