Saturday, March 17, 2012

Outfit Post; Island Life

These are the last of my pictures of Curaçao! I've been back in Holland now and missing much already like coconut water, it's so refreshing and healthy too. These pictures are taken at a spot on the island called "Shete Boka", it's gorgeous to see the waves crash in. Curaçao is a volcanic island and here you see the volcanic stone and the way the island was build up. The northern side of Curaçao is rough waters and makes it impossible to swim, but just a short car ride and your on the southern side which holds some of the most gorgeous beaches. 

Skirt; Forever21(same fit "here" or "this"), Top; Pimkie (old), fringe bracelet;


  1. these pictures are gorgeous! where are these taken?

    1. Thanks Roxy! This is Curaçao, an island in the Caribbean. The spot is called "Shete Boca" on the northern side of the island and the bottom one at one of the famous beaches "Groot Knip". Thanks for stopping by! x


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