Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Street Style; Queen's Day Style

Queens day in Amsterdam is one big party. Yesterday it was that time of the year again, everybody was out celebrating the Queens birthday. The national color of Holland is orange and thus is it a "must" to wear something orange on this day. Some people go all out or dress up silly, while others do it with style. I'm sharing some fashionable ladies who incorporated orange into their wardrobe on this special day.
Above; A "coraly-orange" maxi paired with a beige cropped top 
Above; Bright orange paired with leopard print and finishing touch of Hermes
Below; A bright flowy orange top with navy blue, tres chic! topped off with a hat as a shield for the sun
A pastel orange, dressed up with black and confetti rainbow nails and bracelet (DIY by herself)
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  1. aww I love those outfits!!
    great post! :)


  2. All of these ladies looks awesome, I love the looks.


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