Monday, June 11, 2012

Fresh Pasta Cooking

Last weekend we went to a "fresh pasta" cooking class. We made the pasta from scratch, linguini, tortellini and ravioli. With a filling of spinach/ricotta and parmesan cheese. It took us all afternoon, you have to do a lot of kneading and carefully getting the dough as thin as possible. In the end it is so yummy and so worth it! I highly recommend to either take a pasta cooking class or to find a recipe online and just give it a go! 
 Oh and I got some cute ideas from this cooking place!
> Get (hermetic) jars to store cooking products in, simply paint a little swatch with chalk-board paint and label the product (image above)
> Plant herbs in medium rustic pots and let them grow into little herb bushes (first image)
2 easy sauce recipes;
1. Burro e salvia - Melt butter (enough for a sauce) in a little pan, add fresh sage, a little garlic is optional. Done!
2. Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino - chop garlic, a red peper (seeded) and parsley. heat olive oil in a pan, add all finely chopped ingredients and cook till almost a bit brown.

Et Voila! yummy sauces for your fresh pasta!
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  1. I am so jealous! This looks like a blast, not to mention delicious. Now not only can you cook an amazing meal but you have a great store to share too!


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