Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I have been Chanel-schooled. s of today I start working for Chanel, to promote their new fragrance Coco Noir and their new make-up line Rouge Allure. 
When I entered the training room, I was in awe. We got greeted by our trainer and Chanel ambassador. After we took a seat in velvety gold chairs at a pearly with gold trim table. 
It was so interesting learning about how the perfume is made at their own plant and laboratory. Learning about the exact ingredients and learning how to smell a scent.
 Chanel's latest eau de parfum; "Coco Noir"
and testers to learn the distinguishing difference between the perfumes
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  1. This sounds really interesting, good luck!

  2. omg that sounds so cool to be working for them now, haha i'm jealous! that's so awesome

  3. OMG! Ben totally laat maar wat voor werk ga je precies doen?
    Lijkt interessant maar toch wel moeilijk!
    Succes ermee and be the best Chanel connoisseur out there!



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