Thursday, March 14, 2013

Snapshots; Instagram

This is what has been happening in the past two weeks...
1. Catching up on Springs Trends with some Pink Grapefruit juice and Mirrored F21 Sunnies
2. New rings; Spine from a London Market & Cross from Topshop 
3. Create your own juice or salad at "Juice&Salad" (mine is orange, pineapple, guava)
4. Button hunting
5. Behind the scenes at a photoshoot
6. Brunch & Fashion
7. Looks for less; Top; Jill Sander, Bottom Zara
8. Juice bar; Lite/Dark Amsterdam
9. Home-made pesto; Basil, Pine nuts, Mint, Olive oil 
10. Lunch at Hutspot Amsterdam
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