Wednesday, May 29, 2013

DIY 90's inspired bracelets

Make your own 90's inspired expressive bracelets! 
Choose beads, choose your words and string the beads on an elastic band.
Et Voila! Summer ready bracelets!
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  1. Hoi Femi! I have a question... (Apologies in advance that this is in a post, because I'm not sure where else to contact you about this)

    Is there a craft store (possibly a chain) in the Netherlands that has affordable materials? Stuff like beads, colored paper, wires to make rings, pliers, glue guns etcetera? Because the craft stores I usually come across are crazy expensive while places like Action have great stuff, just not all the stuff I need. Do you get your DIY stuff all over the place/online or do you have a go-to store?

    Alvast bedankt!

    1. Hola Thelea!
      I actually do go to different places for different things! and I dont know any chains, just stores in Amsterdam. For fabrics and everything concerning that (fabric glue, threads, zippers etc) I go to A. Boeken or Jan (on Albert Kuip), there is also a fabric market on Mondays on Westerstraat. Then I go to various bead stores for various things. It's hard to say, but usually when I have something in mind that I'm going to make I will go to a specific store.... If you ever need a tour of all the craft stores in Amsterdam just let me know ;)


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