Friday, May 17, 2013

DIY Match-boxes

A fun little DIY project to spark up some extra fire in the home. I always have a bunch of matchboxes laying around, because of the amount of candles I have spread all over the house! so why not make your match boxes look cute. They make great gifts as well, I like to give candles as for example "house warming gifts", so add a DIY matchbox to make it more fun and personal!
What you need;
- Matchboxes (any size)
- Scrapbooking paper (or other nice paper)
- Pencil, glue, scissors
- Optional; gemstones or studs or other embellishments
1. Trace the matchbox
2. Cut to size and glue the paper on
3. Embellish if you like...
Et Voila! your own fun DIY Matchboxes! 
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