Monday, June 10, 2013


Okay, don't you sometime feel like you just need to go on a vacation?! I was at that point that, you want to feel new adventures, get out of your everyday routine and just relax! 
But since most of us can't actually get away every weekend, here are some tips to have a wonderful staycation.
One thing I'm obsessed with lately is my Korres Shower Gel and Body Butter. They have absolutely wonderful scents, it actually reminds me of a tropical escape in a bottle (so wake up to that!). Korres is inspired by Greek Goddesses and was created by a Greek homeopathic pharmacist. Korres is natural and organic all plant and herb based. The ones I'm using now are Fig and Guava, but I cannot wait for them to finish to go get myself the coconut milk scent! In Amsterdam you can get them at Cosmania. 
When Stayationing at home, you want to be comfortable and you may spoil yourself a bit! Everybody deserves it, I think....
Get yourself an exotic plant or flower arrangement (plants make me happy, Dork!), My guilty pleasure is the latest fashion magazine, put on something on the record player and flip through like there is no tomorrow. Sip on herb infused water, it's so refreshing, especially in the summer heath. I like mint & ginger, or basil, but you can also throw in some sliced fruit, yum!
Spoil yourself with an at home mani! Soack your hand in luke-warm water (add some lavender or rose petals to the water), srucb your hands, and give them a color coat that reminds you of vacation!

And Last, make yourself an awesome breakfast omelette. They serve omelets at the cool hotel breakfast bars;), so invent your own deliciousness. I like my omelette fluffy, topped with avocado and salsa rosada (one part ketchup, one part mayonnaise, a splash of whiskey and oregano spices)
Et Voila! Happy Staycation!
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