Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Home-Made Cherry Jelly

'Tis the season to be cherry! One of my favorite things of summer is Cherry season! I love, love, love cherries! and a fun new way to eat them is by making home-made jelly, to be enjoyed is many different ways.

What you need;
- 1cup Fresh cherries
- 1/2cup Marmelade sugar
- De-pitter 
- Alcohol (to sterilize)
- Glass Jar
- Plastic wrap

1. De-pit the cherries, cut them or puree, I prefer to cut then you have a chunkier jelly
2. Saute the cherries for a bit, then add sugar and let it boil for 5mins
3. In the mean time sterilize the glass jar with alcohol, toss out and place the hot jelly in the jar
4. Cover the top with plastic wrap and let it cool off for a few hours
Et Voila! Cherry Jelly can be enjoyed with cheeses like brie or with crepes or try to heat up the jelly and pour it over vanilla ice-cream!
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