Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekends Guilty Pleasure

I can't help but to love a good grilled cheese sandwich or "toastie" as the Dutch call it. This one was so yum and so wrong! Don't prep it if your trying to impress someone that just spent a night, The onions and garlic won't have them around much longer. If you already hooked that someone and you share your love for food, then go for it! I could eat this everyday! Happy Work week!
 What you need;
- Rustic bread
- Cheese ( I used Old Amsterdam) and parmesan for the outside
- Salami 
- Onions
- Mustard (I used Stonewall Kitchen roasted garlic mustard)
1. Rub the OUTSIDE of the bread with olive oil ( I used herb infused VOO).
2. Then spread some garlic mustard on the inside.
3. Sauté the onions before hand, then assemble your sandwich.
4. For it not to fall apart I used baking string and wrapped them like a present. 
5. Pan fry them with the lid on until the cheese gets melty, then take the lid off and let them crisp up a bit. 

Note; You can drop some cheese in the pan and let is burn on the outside for extra yumminess! 
Et Voila! A grilled Cheese with onion and salami to comfort you in the weekend, best way served is in bed!
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