Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Italian Touring

After a long sought-after dream trip through Italy, it has finally come to life.
We started off our trip in Milano, a fashion capitol. Seen all the pretty people, wearing pretty clothes and things (see Milan Fashion Week report "here", "here" and "here") we continued onto Bologna. We ate wonderful fresh local products and drank awesome local wine.
When in Bologna make sure to visit Eataly (the top floor is an awesome wine/beer bar).
When walking around Bologna, take a coffee break with the most delicious mini cakes at Gamberini (they are tiny so it's ok to have 2, or 3 or 4, right?).
Also stop by Tamburini for local scrumptiousness!
Then our journey continued on to Verona, from there we drove (about an hour) to Lago di Garda and visited a small family run olive oil farm. We had a great experience tasting the different olive oils Frantoio Montecroce produces. 
After the fashion and the food came the party. We met up with 2 of our friends for carnival in Venice. We got our masks and drank Spritz in disguise, oh yeah and there was food.... I love the little aperitif sandwiches they serve with your drink, for less then 2euros you can have a bite. I loved the polpettas! little tuna or eggplant balls.
Get the best at; Dai Zemei or Al Merca'
Stay tuned for the mid/southern Italian report
Baci from Italy! 

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