Saturday, June 21, 2014

Oatmeal Cookie, Ice-cream Sandwich

I made these sour cherry, white chip oatmeal cookies and to make this party complete I added ice-cream and created sandwiches.
I used this recipe ("here") and added dried sour cherries and white chocolate chips. 
Of course you could add anything you like to the oatmeal cookies like; 
Macadamia and white chips, 
Dried apricots and white chips,
Pistachio and dried cranberries, 
Pecans and dark chocolate chips.
Pick your favorite and create a summer party!
Make the basic recipe and spoon in the add-in ingredients last...
Let them cool down completely (I even popped them in the freezer).
Then scoop one scoop of half soft ice-cream in the middle of he flat side of the cookie and lightly press another on top. 
Wrap them individually in foil and pop them back in the freezer for another hour or two.
Et Voila! Serve them straight out of the freezer. Enjoy!!
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