Wednesday, November 26, 2014

From the Kitchen; Easy-peasy Pumpkin Hand-pies

Ok just a quickie before the holidays! It's for the busy-bees or the undomestic-divas. A cheat to make a scrumptious holiday dessert.
 What you need;
- Store bought pie crust
- Can of pumpkin puree
- Pumpkin spice
- Cream of coconut
- Cool Whip
- Brown sugar

1. Roll out your pie crust and with a cookie cutter cut circles 
2. Prep your pumpkin puree with the pie spice and brown sugar (taste and add till satisfied).
3. Drop a spoon-full of pumpkin filling (depending on the width of your circle)
4. cover with another circle and close with a fork. Cut an X on the top
Don't forget to pre-heat the oven.
Pop them in for +/- 15 mins or until golden
In the mean time, mix the coconut cream, but just the white solid bit not the oil. To separate this let is stand for a bit. Add pumpkin spice to your liking. When mixed well spoon it through cool whip. Warning! This stuff is deadly delicious!! 
Et Voila! Add a dollop of your coconut spiced, whipped-cream and devour!
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