Wednesday, November 2, 2011

DIY; Maxi skirt

Hi lovelies, so the easiest thing to sew I find, are skirts. It is what I have made mostly passed summer. Here is a little behind the "sewing scenes". 
All you need is a soft fabric of choice, elastic band and same color thread. 
  • Get the fabric the length from your waist to the floor (and about 10cm extra for seaming) and 1,5 or 2 times the with of your hips.
  • The elastic needs to be the length of your waist (plus 10cm extra)
Remember to check if you need a special needle for your machine, for example with this fabric I used a "stretch needle"
  • Lay fabric out flat and pin every cm, one cm over (see above)
  • Simply sew the elastic and the pinned fabric to each other 
  • Then fold over ("inside out") and sew together both ends, you could leave a slit of you like (see below)

Et voila! your very own maxi skirt!

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  1. This is so cool, the first time I saw it, the previous post, I thought you bought it.


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