Thursday, December 29, 2011

Outfit Post; DIY Leather Sleeve Sweater

On the second day of Christmas we went for a stroll in the "central park" of Amsterdam a.k.a. Vondel park. I'm so happy I live 5 minutes away from the park. 
I made this sweater on christmas morning. Perfect pass time for the holidays sitting inside, crafting/DIYing! The holidays were relaxing, at night we had some friends come over for left over snacks and a drink (or 2). 
My Christmas present, mini Diana Lomography camera and my DIY Starbucks travel mug (I re-used wrapping paper to make my xmas mug)
Sweater; Uniqlo/DIY, Fur vest; DIY, Necklace; Accessorize, Pants; J. Crew Minnie, Loafers; Urban Oufitters
Sweater in the making
1. Sew 2 sleeves from faux leather fabric (length of your forearm)
2. Cut the sweaters sleeves 
3. Sew on the faux leather (inside out) over the sweater's sleeves

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