Thursday, February 9, 2012

Neon Bracelets

Have I told you yet that my latest obsession is neon jewelry? It might be one way to incorporate wishful warm weather fashion into this freezing cold Holland has had lately. I've kept myself busy staying in and crafting neon bracelets. The one day I left the house (besides to and from work) I went to the Sunday Market  and discovered Fauv and she had the perfect addition to my latest self-made neon bracelets. (Almost) Freezing my feet off last Sunday was well worth meeting the girl behind
  Left to Right; Yellow-DIY, Green-Fauv, Orange & Pink-DIY, Yellow & Blue-Forever21 came to exist because of the passion for jewelry of a fashionable girl. Last year owner and collector Roxanne de Boom started her own web-shop, where she sells her own creations (see my bracelet above) and vintage jewelry thrifted from various trips to fashion cities. She has an eye for detail and adds the finishing touch to your outfit. Go ahead and visit her site.


  1. Helloooo...
    Im Alexia and im from Greece...Your bracelets are sooooo awesome..
    I love it!!! i want it!!!:P

    My Little Closet


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