Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Rainbow Cakes

If your looking for a fun way to present your cakes for easter, here is how!
 I took the easy way out an used a store bought cake mix (bad baker!), however I did make the "7 minute meringue frosting" from scratch using "this Martha Stewart" recipe (which really doesn't only take 7 minutes). 
 I made one big batch of frosting, then used smaller bowls to make the different colors. By mixing primary colors I created other colors. As a tip; if you'd like the color to be more pastel, use less food coloring. 
 Frost your cupcakes with a icing bag and top it off with some edible glitter or sprinkles.  
Et Voila! Your Easter Rainbow Cupcakes!
 With the remaining cake and frosting batter I made a second easter cake. Simply frost and decorate with some mini chocolate Easter eggs!

1 comment:

  1. wow i love these! looks yummy, perfect for easter.


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