Wednesday, April 4, 2012

High tea birthday brunch

 Last weekends pictures of my friends birthday brunch. As you walk in the room you'd get a overdose of pink cuteness and a delicious sweet smell of yummie cakes and such awaiting us. Sipping on mimosas at 12 in the afternoon (it's Saturday, it's allowed) and tunes of Lana del Rey playing in the back ground (which turned into a big random mix tape)  
Some of the treats catered by my personal favorite bakery "Bakken met Passie" and others home-made by the birthday girl herself, it was all scrumptious and a big success 
 Mimosa's and birthday cheers
 The birthday girl and I
 How to wear striped pants; Take cue from these stylish ladies
-pair black and white stripes with a bright color like turquoise 
-or toughen it up with black ankle booties and a leather jacket 
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  1. Love all of these pictures! Such cute cupcakes & lovely outfits.

  2. You look so so cute, I love the skirt. And the photos are really cute :).


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