Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lisbon Diary's

My trip to Lisbon in snapshots, I'd like to share what I've experienced so here goes;
1. View from our hotel (Castle in the background!)
2. Typical Portuguese sn Krok├ętas acks; and Pastelitos 

3. Coffee break in hotel lounge 
4. My closet for the trip
5. Vintage vanity in our hotel room
6. Awesome murals on Portuguese buildings
7. Gorgeous architecture 
8. Mapping out our route for the day
9 & 10. Portuguese souvenirs; Embroidered sachets and authentic soap
11. Trolly up-hill
12. Canned, preserved foods with vintage images
13. Esspresso Macchiato
14. Lunch at "Lost in" 
15. Having a refreshment at flower shop/cafe "Flower Power"
If you ever get to go to Lisabon, These spots are definitive recomandations
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