Monday, April 16, 2012

Outfit Post; Lisbon Outfit (une)

We went to Lisboa, Portugal for a few days. These pictures are taken at our hotel room balcony (The Independente), which I highly recommend if you happen to go to Lisbon. 
We experienced little showers of rain and some sunshine too. We did lots of sitting in cafes enjoying a beer or a wine. We found that it reminded us of our little island Cura ├žao, The colorful buildings, the language and cuisine. What we didn't expect is to actually get muscles aches after walking the entire city, it is a very hilly city with side walks of lime-stone cobbles (very slippery when wet). Gorgeous views and detailed romantic little balconies on every building and lots of buildings completely covered with colorful tiles.
Stay tuned...;)
Heels; Bertie, Dress; Primark, Bracelets; DIY


  1. Oh WOW, Femi, this outfit is gorgeous on you. You are a master in the art of color coordinating- you know that, right? I'm so happy I'm following you on Twitter now... Makes it so much easier to spread my love alllll over your blog :).

  2. I love the cut parts of your dress, so so hot and I love the combination you created here.


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