Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Organic Farmers Market; Noordermarkt, Amsterdam

Last Saturday, I had a wonderful day off. I went to the Organic Farmers Market, that only appears on Saturday. They have THE BEST stuff. We got some delicious Dutch cheese called "grass-cheese" (it only appears in spring/summer, it's when the cows got to eat the grass outside). Some yummy organic bread and the best tomato and artichoke tapanade. 
We ate it outside our friends house, enjoying the sun on out faces.
Hope you had a great weekend too and If you are ever in amsterdam, make sure to visit this market!
 Top; H&M, Shorts; H&M for men, Sandals; River Island, Headband Scarf; Vintage, Basket; Thrifted, Sunnies; Paul Smith
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