Monday, July 16, 2012

New in; Coral Fan Necklace

As a true island girl I love accessories that scream summer or anything that comes from the ocean. I once came across a fan coral necklace on the world of Pinterest (follow me "here") and was immedietely in love. 
At the moment I'm back in my hometown CuraƧao, visiting my parents together with my sister. My sister got me this presant (she has one in pink!) I love, love, love it! Thank hermana!
you can find the website that sells them here; Amrita Singh
Happy Summer Vacation!

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  1. This is a really cool necklace, love the color.

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  2. This necklace is perfectly summery. I love the color. Love how you're wearing it above and I can't wait to see it worn over a button up, as a bib type piece. Stunning as always!

  3. What a perfectly summery accessory! Love how you styled it here but also can't wait to see it worn over a button up for a more bib like look. The color and shape is perfect and I'm quite jealous! Stylish and sophisticated as usual!


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