Monday, December 17, 2012

DIY Xmas Gifts; Spa in a Washcloth

Very easy gift to make and it smells so good while making it! 
The sea salt will dissolve in the hot water while showering, giving you a gentle scrub and the herbs or flowers like lavender will relax body and mind after a cold winter day.
What you need;
-Needle & thread
-Sea salt
-Herbs or dried flowers of choice (I went with lavender and a mix of rose and herbs)
1. Scoop the sea salt and the herbs into the washcloth
2. Sew it shut
Et Voila! A spa in a washcloth! 
Note: after using it the first time it will harden up as it dries, before using it again wash till softened or till the salt crystals dissolve. 
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