Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Outfit Post; Thrifted Skirt

Talking about thrifted, in Amsterdam you can put old furniture outside (you would have to call trash company to pick it up), most of the times it's even gone before you get a chance to call. This amazing chair was up for grabs as well and if my house happened to be bigger I would have taken it...
That's the thing with thrifting, sometimes you find something awesome for an awesome tiny price, like my skirt that I paired with a vintage cropped knitted top.
What's your best vintage thrift??
Skirt; Thrifted at "I love Vintage", Top; Vintage (had it for years), Coat; Zara (old, similar styles "here")
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  1. what a wonderful idea the seat left there!
    I like this outfit and the combination of colours :-)

  2. the chair looks lovely, but there's no room for it at my house either. I love thrifting<3

  3. Hopi leuk outfit
    I loved the background with the chair wonderful idea


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