Thursday, February 7, 2013

Snapshots; Instagram

Sharing my past week through Instagram (in case you have not seen it yet). Came across some "looks for less and visited some amazing restaurants (if your ever in Amsterdam worth to try!) 

1&2. Looks for less; Left; Givenchy vs. River Island, Right; Balenchiaga vs. River Island
3. Dinner at wonderful Italian restaurant "Cinema Paradiso" (click "here" for reservations) 
4. Wine tasting hosted by "Proef Goed", a mobile wine-tasting company 
5&6. Banana Split Parfait for breakfast, Quinoa Salad (with dried apricot, coriander and feta) for lunch
7. Lunch at "De laatste Kruimel" shabby yet very cute lunch place
8. Home decorating tip; Give a nautical flair to the staircase by creating a rope railing
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