Sunday, February 24, 2013

Travel Journal; London

A week has come and gone, just like last weekends trip to London. A few snapshots to give a taste of what London has to offer. First day taking the touristy stroll past the Jubilee Gardens, The London Eye and the famous Big Ben. Day 2 was spent roaming vintage shops and markets like Brick Lane Market and Sunday Up Market. Scoring some good thrifts, some awesome locally designed and made products and some delicious international dishes.  
Day 3. Walking around Kensington area and a visit to the V&A Museum. One of the many wonderful things of London is that most museums are free of charge, which I think is amazing. The price of learning about different cultures, history and many other interesting exhibitions that museums offer, should be priceless I find.
Below; Taking a coffee break at the inside garden of the V&A museum.
Day 4. Taking in all the awesome and crazy fashion statements at Summer Set Housewhere London Fashion Week is hosted. 
Below; Spotted by The Huffinton Post's My Daily Blog together with my friend Andrea 
Andrea is an amazing host to her home-town London. For a great dose of culture and art check out her site;
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