Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter Inspirations

 Easter is an excuse to eat, eat and eat some more.... for me it is really about spending time with family and friends (while eating). Last year we hosted 2 brunches (first and second day of easter) the year before that we had a lovely easter picnic in the park, this year we will probably end up brunching inside since it is still cold out! 
What will you be doing this easter?
Below I share some inspiration for an easter brunch!
1. Make fresh fruit mini pavlovas
2. Wrap your sandwiches nicely for a picnic
3. Serve fruit infused water
 4. Serve koffie in jars and have tulips (very Dutch, very spring)
5. Simply glue on sequins for chic egg decorations
 6. Have brunch outside (if the weather permits)
7. Chalkboard eggs for some fun interaction and craftiness 
 8. Bake with easter candies
9. Tie fresh herbs or flowers to an egg for a fresh original centerpiece
 10. Hide a sweet message in an egg for your loved ones
11. Use fresh fruit and pastel colored flowers for center piece
12. present your flowers in halved and decorated eggs in a egg carton
I hope you get to spend your easter with family or friends!
Happy easter!

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