Friday, April 26, 2013

Get Crafty This Weekend

 After yesterdays post I wanted to share a little of my jewelry making tips. Above you see my latest creations of necklaces and bracelets. below you see how it usually starts off (one big pile of crafties). I like to get all of it out so I can see what I have and see which colors or textures fit nice together and ofcourse I like to clash colors; neons with black and whites, opposites attract instead of keeping it safe in the same color pallet.
 The first and third necklace (see pictures above) I braided. The first was braided, including the bolts as you go along. 
With the second necklace I wrapped multiple ropes together.
*Tip; Stick your rope down with washi tape
 If wrapping other twine or so around the rope, secure it by melting the ends or by superglueing them. 
(superglue = my friend)
Last step is to attach a clasp (use your pliers for this) 
*Tip; find clasps at a arts & crafts store or reuse one from an old necklace!
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