Sunday, September 8, 2013

Smore S'mores

It feels like summer almost over, days are getting shorter, winds are picking up and fall collections are on display in the stores windows. 
Today I woke up to raindrops on my window and I'm not complaining (just yet), Fall is always so cozy and time for inside activities. If you have not gotten the chance to BBQ one last time, you have not had your S'mores fix. This cake is a take on the oh so yummy summer S'mores.
1. Bake a double chocolate cake and cut into two layers. You might have to bake two cakes and then stack 'em.
2. On one layer spread out marshmallow fluff (note; only spread in the middle, not till the edge, the weight of the cake will spread it out)
3. Another layer with double chocolate icing and chunks of graham crackers. 
4. Finally ice complete cake and decorate with crushed graham crackers and mini marshmallows.
Et Voila! Your S'mores inspired cake ready to be devoured!
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