Friday, November 15, 2013

On Trend; Celine inspired plaid

Happy Friday!
Don't you sometimes just want to pluck the clothes of the runway? Okay back to reality... since I cannot get my hands on actual Celine products, I might as well make my own trendy check piece, here's how....
 1. Find yourself a fun checkered fabric, grab a tee and pin the outline + 2 extra centimeters. (make sure the fabric is backwards)
2. Cut along pins, then fold the shirt and the fabric double, and cut an even neckline.
3. Sew along the pins and the shoulders, turn fabric inside out and a new shirt is born.
4. Final touch, hem the bottom of the shirt, the sleeves and neckline. I like to use "biaisband", it makes it even easier! I used a suede biaisband for extra detail.

 Et Voila! Your DIY Celine RTW Fall13 Shirt
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