Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Last minute DIY; Hostest Gift / Center Piece

We are approaching the last week of the year, it is super busy; work, shopping, holiday parties. Did you forget to get your host a gift or a center piece for your cocktail party??
Here is an easy and fast last minute holiday DIY!
Both candles and cinnamon should be available at your local supermarket.
 What you need;
- Plain candles
- Cinnamon sticks
- Festive ribbon
- Elastic band or glue
1.  Slip the cinnamon sticks between the candle and the elastic band or individually glue the sticks on.
2. For finishing touch tie a ribbon and or bow around the candle with the cinnamon sticks.
 Et Voila! Ready to set the mood right
~Happy Holidays~
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