Saturday, June 14, 2014

DIY; Bamboo Sunburst Mirror

Happy Saturday! I have a great DIY for you this weekend! I have been wanting a sunburst mirror since the beginning of time and had decided to make one myself, however I never got around to it and not knowing exactly what materials to use for my burst I just kept postponing this DIY. Then I got this inspiration from Anthropologies new collection "here" and it was natural that my Sunburst mirror had to be one of my favorite materials; bamboo! 
What you need;
- Small round mirror
- Decorative bamboo sticks (find them in a home and garden store)
- Hot glue gun
- Measuring tape
- Gardening scissors
Measure out the length of your bamboo sticks and cut them using your gardening scissors (I cut them 30cm). 
Then glue them in a cross and around. 
You can cut a circle out of cardboard then stick it to the back, hot glueing a rope or ribbon to hang the mirror. 
Et Voila! Your DIY Bamboo Sunburst Mirror ready to hang!
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