Sunday, August 31, 2014

Travels; 24 Hours in Aruba

The nice thing of living in the A,B,C Islands is the possibility to Island-hop. Passed week I spent one day in Aruba. One of my friends was there and I could not stand not seeing her. Besides quality time with my friend, it was like a real (one day) mini vacation. 
and we did quite a lot!
What to do.....
1. I stayed at my friends, close to baby beach (east of the island).
In the AM do some kind of water sport. We Kayaked, swam and snorkeled. 

2. For lunch we stopped at Charlie's bar in San Nicholas, It was delicious. We snacked on conch fritters with wedge potato and a shrimp seviché. The potato wedge had the perfect crunch to it and the seviché has wonderful flavor with a little kick to it. 
3. While driving, sight see. Instead of driving on the main road, drive along the coast passed the local beaches like Mangel Halto and Spaans Lagoen. 
4. Take a coffee break before heading to the city "Playa" Coffee House Aruba. Had the best iced latte yet. and the prices are very decant. It feels like a European coffee house (in the tropics!).

5. After roaming the city for a little while, continue onwards to the beaches passed the hotel chain. We took a walk at Malmok Beach and Arachi Beach, where you will see the light house at the tip of the island. 
6. Right before sun-down we made it to Palm Beach and had a drink at Pelican's Nest.
Although it rained earlier that day, we had an amazing sunset. And I had a wonderful mini vacation.
Big thanks to my friend for taking me around and showing me a good time!!
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  1. those shrimps loookkk absolutely scrumptious hihihi nice vacay-log

    xx niina and berry

  2. It looks beautiful!!!!!


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