Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mr & Mrs.

 4 months ago we surprised friends and family with our wedding. We had been planning it all in secret. It was one of the hardest secrets to keep, but one of the best things we have done. The day went exactly how we had planned.
We invited friends and family for a holiday get to gather. We had been working hard on our latest project and want to share it with our loved ones and no one had a clue....
 On December 26th our guests arrived and were welcomed by out pallet "Welcome loved ones" sign. They gathered inside and were greeted by our parents and siblings. At 6pm everybody was invited to take a seat outside on the patio. Then we walked up and revealed the big surprise... We were getting married!
The decor was from recycled tin cans, with Aloe planted from the back yard. Recycled glass jars held candles in them with a hand-made tag stamped "J&F" on it.
Even our rings (that were carried in by our pet donkey, barney the ring bearer) are made from recycled old family gold.
The shoes I wore are my mothers vintage Nine West shoes that she ones wore almost 35 years ago ( I wore them once before and it happened to be the day I met J).
The "Mr. & Mrs." chairs were salvaged from a dump yard. I personally re-upholstered them and brought them back to life.
We only had locally sourced flower, that I went and hand picked myself the previous day.
Inside we had a charcuterie table with cheeses, meats, jellies, fresh and dried fruits and nuts and local honeycombs dripping fresh honey.
The dinner was a gourmet, serve yourself hotdog buffet. With kimchi cogs, chili dogs and a naked dog, to be topped with whatever condiment you wanted.
 This is our families together and below are your new Mr. & Mrs Farmer
Our wedding was held at our own farm barn, where in the near future we plan to open an local, organic restaurant.
You can find the latest developments on "Hofi Cas Cora" facebook.
 My beautiful friends above
And our delicious cake below
Greetings from the Mr. & Mrs.!

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