Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mothers day DIY; Sustainable flowers that will last

This mothers day give mom flowers that will last. They are cute and versatile. You could stick them in a cake or hang them on a string like a garland or just in a jar.
What you will need:
-Paper in color and/or print
-Skewer sticks
-Glue or tape
-2 sizes circular object for measuring
-Colored duct tape or tissue paper 
Cut flower shapes out of your paper. Use a smaller shape for the middle. You can play around with the width of the "petals". Cut a slit into the flowers and over-lap one "petal" over the other and stick them together.
I used metallic duct tape for the center op the flower, but you can also use tissue paper.
Stick the flowers through, add the center by just rolling the tape around it. You can even add leaves.
 Et Voila! Flowers that are sustainable and will last.
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