Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Do

Yesterday I blogged about my urge to do something with my hair, well I did. I went ombre! 

<om·bre noun  \ˈäm-bər; ˈäm-brē, ˈəm-, -ˌbrā\ - Borrowed from French meaning; Shaded- Ombre hair is generally darker at the roots the gets lighter towards the end>

I get my hair done at Salon-B by top hair stylist Adriana, Last year she was runner-up of the Dutch TV series "The Next Hair Guru". She is wonderful at what she does and does it with passion! You might remember a year ago when I cut my hair for "Locks of Love" (read "here"), That was her! 
This is my new statement shirt. I bought it in Lisbon made in Northern Portugal, the brand; Meam by Ricardo Preto. The fabric is like a second skin, that soft! Next year they'll be selling it in Amsterdam as well, the owner of the shop told me. 

Latest beauty buy; My turtle lip balm (H&M)
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