Thursday, January 31, 2013

DIY; Instagram Photo-wall

I love photographs and thanks to Instagram anybody could be a photographer. Even though I always have these pictures with me on my phone, I like to surround my home with pictures of people and things I love. Last week I printed some of my Instagram pictures at this website called "". Anybody who is looking to print Instagram pictures, this is your site! They are super fast with delivery and super high quality! Now I can (show off my photography skills) enjoy the sweet moments captured, everyday. 
Above; I measured precicely the distance for each photo and made sure they are straight 
 Below; Some inspiration of various ways of photo walling 
 Et Voila! My photo wall enfin... 
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  1. Love this!!! I was just telling my mom that I seriously NEED some pictures in my room

  2. Very nice. Maybe I'll try this out!


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