Friday, February 1, 2013

Breakfast at Fayme's in the Kitchen; Worldly Bruschetta

What's for lunch this weekend? How a bout a trip around the world with 2 easy but different bruschetta's.

What you need;
Garlic Olive oil
El Italiano;
-Plump tomatoes 
-Fresh basil
-Grated Parmesan (optional, to top off)
La Mexicana;
-Spring onion
-Lime juice
1. Brush some garlic olive oil on rustic bread and put in the oven until toasty. (if you don't have garlic olive oil, use regular olive oil and rub a fresh garlic clove over the toast once it comes out of the over !don't over-rub!)
2. Chop all ingredients for both bruschetta's and mix
3. Scoop some of the mix on top of each toast
Et Voila! Bon app├ętit!
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