Monday, January 28, 2013

DIY/How to; Re-use Glass

I must confess, I tend to collect my empty glass jars and bottles. Sometimes I end up bringing a huge bag filled with glass to the recycle container and other times I find a way to reuse my empty glass jars and bottles. Below is the how to on this DIY above...
What you need;
- Empty and cleaned glass jars
- Plastic animals of choice
- Crazy glue
- Spray paint color of choice
1. Stick animals to lids and leave to dry
2. Spray paint lids with animals and leave to dry
3. store your favorite candid nut or other trinkets in your awesome new jars!
 Re-use glass jars for your morning latte or as a vase for your fresh cut seasonal flowers 
 Use an empty wine bottle for your dish-wash-soap buy sticking in an olive oil pourer.
Or as a candle holder for some awesome colored candle sticks.
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