Friday, May 24, 2013

Cacti & Succulents; 2 Ways

Last weekend I flipped my house, with that comes new DIY home projects and new plants! I love these little guys and I share 2 fun ways to display them while re-using tin cans.
Make a little succulent garden by displaying them in a type of small green-house or square vase. (see images above and below).
Second project are hanging succulents...

What you will need; 
- Cans
- Nail + Hammer
- Paint + paint brush
- Tape
- Rope 
1. Hammer in holes on each side, for the cans to be able to hang.
2. Tape them where you would like to paint them.
 3. Pull through a rope, string or like I used raffia.
Et Voila! your succulents are ready to hang! 
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